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City, University of London
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Great PhD experience at LCS City University,London

Many research events going on including seminars, forums, research groups, confe...more

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The International Foundation in Business and Economics with Accounting prepares international students for direct entry to year one of an Undergraduate degree course within the Sir John Cass Business...more

Duration: 1 years

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This course is designed to introduce the student to the capabilities of BigSheets. BigSheets is a component of InfoSphere BigInsights. It provides the analyst the ability to be able to visualize and...more

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Introduction The Fast Track is the quickest way of becoming eligible to take the BCS Oral Examination, the last stage in obtaining your diploma in business analysis. Fast Track comprises four course...more

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Ever dreamt of working in investment banks, Merrill Lynch or in the foreign exchange market? The money’s good and the work’s challenging, but of course, you need to build a strong foundation in accounting and finance first. Browse...


We’ve all asked the accounting team a stupid question and been met with the wide eye stare of disbelief. In fact, in the few months when the Hotcourses editorial team shared a table with finance, we learnt a lot from each other. They learnt we had...

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