Our guide to hair extension courses


Coco Chanel once said ‘A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life’, however many of us live to regret the chop a few months later as we long for a rapunzel-like mane.  According to a recent survey, the average woman will spend around £23,000 during her lifetime in her never-ending quest for flawless hair. With many of us dreaming of longer, thicker locks, extensions are a modern way to make this ideal hair day a reality.

Hair fashions stem from celebrity looks and it seems we are not alone in this obsession, from the red carpet to a film set, many celebs swear by hair extensions for creating long, luscious tresses. Think Lauren Conrad, Jennifer Aniston, Eva Longoria and Victoria Beckham, all continuously gracing glossy magazines for their flawless styles.

If you find yourself hair obsessed and would love to learn how to transform other’s looks then a hair extension course sounds a snip away from perfect for you.


Today is a good hair day

Whether you are a complete beginner or a qualified hairdresser looking to add extensions to your repertoire, there are plenty of different courses on offer. Each will allow you to master the various methods of salon hair extensions and learn to apply and remove each type correctly.



 A weave is where natural hair is braided into corn row and a weft of hair is then sewn onto the corn row with a needle and cotton, creating long, natural looking hair from the roots. A weave avoids damage to natural hair, yet is not recommended for those with fine hair as they will not have enough over the top of the weave to hide it.


Pre bonded

With pre -bonded hair extensions, the real or artificial hair is bonded to natural hair with various types of adhesives. Although this method is discrete and permanent, many women do not like the thought of using glue on their locks. Pre -bonded extensions can also damage natural hair if they are not removed correctly. Applying the extensions is often a lengthy process and can take over four hours to fix in place.


Micro beaded

Micro links or micro beaded hair extensions are where the real or artificial hair is looped through natural hair and clamped onto it using pliers and a bead. These can be moved up when they shift down the hair and can easily be removed or replaced.


What will I learn?

When it comes to hair extension courses there are no short cuts (no pun intended). Most courses will be in depth and extensive, covering a range of vital subjects. Beginning with training in client consultations, the course will go into the different extension methods as well as cutting, shaping and blending these into real hair for a natural finish. Prepare to get a little medical as you learn about scalp conditions and products to safely remove extensions. Some courses will also train you in setting up and expanding your own business, as well as giving you the opportunity to purchase hair.


Mastering your trade

The majority of courses will leave you with an accredited hair extension qualification, which gives you the opportunity to specialise and offer your services to others. There are approximately 99,000 hairdressers working in the UK working full and part time. As well as working in high street salons, hairdressers can also choose to work in hotels, spas, in hospitals and care homes. Some also work as mobile hairdressers, visiting their clients at home – a great option if you are trying to fit work around family life or another part -time job. Who knows where perfect hair might lead you – you could even be styling the stars.


Myth or fact?

You cannot go swimming wearing hair extensions.

Myth – Your long locks will look as fabulous wet as they do dry.


You cannot brush your hair with a regular bristled hairbrush or comb.

Fact - These will damage your extensions, a brush with soft plastic loops is recommended to comb hair without pulling on the bonds.


You will need to use special shampoo and conditioner with hair extensions in.

Fact - Products that contain silicone and sulphate can weaken the bonds and may cause extensions to fall out.


Hair extensions kill your hair.

Myth – If applied and removed correctly, hair extensions will not damage your hair any more than straightening or dyeing.


My hair extensions won’t last five minutes.

Myth - If you look after them properly, hair extensions should last between two and three months. 

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