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sir winston churchill academy & college
UK Trade & Development Advisors
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This course is designed for those who have had their own business for at least one year and want to take it to the next level. The course builds on itself every week so that by the end, each student will...more

Duration: 17 Weeks


Part time

Course Provider Diploma/Certificate/Award

£267From£225 Instant book


Do you dream of running your own business? Would you describe yourself as a budding entrepreneur? From Apple to Facebook, the most successful businesses in the world started with a single idea, a gap in the market and a lot of hard work. If you...


When starting your business , the only way to succeed is to take the lead from the greats that have gone before you. Ok, that’s not the only way. You need a decent plan, a good head for numbers, a unique idea...but quotes are helpful, right? ...

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