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city lit profile who offer Sushi courses  in London

City Lit - where London learns

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Outstanding teaching!!

The biggest appeal of the Access Course to me was the speed of it. I didn’t want...more

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Come and enjoy a taste of Japanese through the topic of food. Learn some useful words and phrases and get your vocal chords working with a new world of...more

Duration: 1 day


No Qualification


Introduction to Adult Education College Bexley

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adult education college bexley profile who offer Sushi courses In London

Courses for LIFE, LEISURE and WORK. Part-time, day, evening and weekend courses from Accounts to Zumba. Find out what you could do...


Develop a knowledge and understanding of the art of making sushi. Learn the techniques used by professional chefs and make your own popular variations of Sushi including Maki, Mini ISO, Hand Roll and...more

Duration: 2 weeks


No Qualification

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greenwich pantry
From£53.10 Instant book

What’s your sushi type? Sushi or Sashimi? In this 2.5 hour course (2 hour delivery, 30 minutes for social interaction and munching), beginners and enthusiasts will learn the basics of making sushi with...more

Duration: 2.0 hours

Part time

No Qualification

From£53.10 Instant book
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Enjoy a hands-on sushi-making workshop with a professional chef in this Sushi Experience. You’ll hear about the history of this classic Japanese food in a fascinating session covering how to prepare the...more

Duration: 4 hours


Short (less than 7 days)

No Qualification



In recent decades, we have become more concerned about the welfare of animals that are bred for food. Television programmes like Jimmy’s Farm and similar documentaries about the meat industry in general have opened our eyes to what goes on in...


For most of us, going to the butchers is not part of our weekly routine, with meat readily available and pre-packed in supermarkets. Yet if you are looking for a butchery course , or want to learn more about where your food comes from, it might be...

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