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Bees in London need YOUR help! Funded course for Southwark residents aged 19+ 10 hour course taught over two days Learn about the amazing world of honeybees through a description of the lifecycles of individual bees & of the colonies to which they belong Tips on how to grow the right kinds of plants in...more

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mygardenschool profile who offer Bee Keeping courses In London Professional Qualification Online course

LearningWithExperts: Online gardening, photography & antiques courses taught by best-selling authors.

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Learning experience is through online video lectures and a classroom to ask ques...more

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Course Summary: As the popularity of beekeeping increases, there’s a greater focus on the best ways to care and maintain healthy hives. In this course, Philip Chandler, aka the Barefoot Beekeeper, takes you through the fundamentals of ‘natural’ beekeeping - a sustainable, organic approach to cultivating bee...more

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Join the efforts to save the world's bees population from colony collapse by studying the secret world of bees, as taught from the unique perspective of holistic Bio-dynamic beekeeper Hilmar Kuhnemann.Gain practical knowledge that will allow you to start a bees colony right in your backyard, without causing any...more

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Woodberry Wetlands

If you think you might be interested in keeping bees, but don’t know what’s involved or how to get started, this one-day taster course will give you an overview of the craft of beekeeping. Our experienced beekeepers will cover all the fundamental requirements for bee and hive management and give you a real feel...more


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