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Are you looking for a new hobby? Maybe you want to find a way to get away from the rat race and relax? Well then, look no further than fly fishing. If you want to combine your love for the great outdoors with a new hobby you can use to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, then why not take one of our fly fishing courses and learn the skills needed for this exciting yet tranquil sport.


What is fly fishing?

Fly fishing is a type of fishing that involves the use of an artificial fly, tied to a fly fishing rod. Baits are made from feather, yarn, fur, hair, thread or wire, and are crafted to look like a fly in order to attract certain species of fish. Most types of fish can be caught using fly fishing methods such as salmon and carp; however since they feed and live in shallow water, trout are the most common amongst fly fishermen.

Fly fishing consists of two main techniques; dry fly fishing or nymph fishing. Dry fishing is easier as everything is clearly visible. The angler will cast the artificial fly at a fish he can see in the water, the artificial fly will then float on top of the surface of the water and wait for the fish to take the bite. Once the fish has taken the bite the angler will most likely use a fishing net to retrieve the fish. Nymph fishing is a bit different in that the artificial fly will be weighed down for fish species that tend to feed underwater. This can be a more successful method as trout usually feed underwater, but with reduced visibility it can be much harder to actually retrieve the fish.


What will I learn?

When you enrol on a fly fishing course you will be taught both practical and theoretical sides of fly fishing. You will be taught how to set up your fishing rod, how to create different artificial flies to attract different species of fish, learn numerous knots to tie the bait to your rod and you will also learn how to cast your rod. This will be combined with plenty of practice so over time you will learn how to do each step efficiently. Now you’ve got the fish biting, you will also have to learn the more theoretical parts of fly fishing. You will learn legal aspects of fishing, fishing etiquette and health and safety measures. You could even take these skills and start a career as a fisherman or a fish farmer.


An excuse to travel

Fly fishing can be a fantastic excuse to travel not just the UK, but anywhere in world. Fly fishing is a sport which often attracts those who love the natural world and enjoy going on adventures to see unique places. Whether you call it a sport or pastime, it’s a relaxing and tranquil experience that will enable you to be at one with nature and get away from your daily busy life. People travel all over the world to meet up with new people and progress their fly fishing passion. Popular destinations include Australia, Canada, New Zealand and Argentina. Fly fishing will take you to some of the most beautiful and natural destinations in the world.


Best fly fishing destinations in the UK

With the UK being the home of modern fly fishing there are plenty of great fly fishing destinations near your local area. Here is our list of the top five fly fishing destinations in the UK:

  • Hampshire: Hampshire is home of the famous, classic English chalk streams. The River Test in Hampshire was made famous by Frederick Halford, the most influential fly fishing writer of his time, making the River Test and Hampshire one of the most famous fly fishing destinations in the world.
  • The Lake District: Amidst the stunning mountain scenery of the Lake District are some incredible fly fishing locations. There are plenty of large lakes or mountain streams where freshwater fish are abundant. 
  • The Peak District: The peak district contrasts some of the most beautiful places in the UK with some fantastic fly fishing locations. Isaak Walton, a famous writer in the 16th century (most famous for his book The Compleat Angler), was a big fan of the River Wye and River Dove.
  • The Cotswolds: The Cotswolds is home to the River Coln. This river is host to many freshwater fish, with trout and grayling being the favourite amongst fly fishermen. The beautiful rivers and landscapes of the Cotswolds have similarities to the chalk streams of Hampshire.
  • Yorkshire Dales: The picturesque landscapes of the Yorkshire Dales will provide you with the most relaxing of fly fishing experiences. The picture postcards countryside of the Dales is some of the best in the UK.

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