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art class pro profile who offer Oil Painting courses  in East Grinstead Online course

Learn to draw and paint from home. My online art courses will inspire, encourage and motivate you! Courses in watercolour, oils and acrylics.

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Watercolour-fast and loose

When I have received the lessons for this course, I have really enjoyed them. Ho...more

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£25 Instant book

In these 7 lessons I will teach you all you need to know about using water-based oil paint (or you can use traditional oil paints) in a fresh and exciting way. The course is carefully written to take you...more

Duration: 7 weeks


No Qualification

Online course £25 Instant book

Introduction to London Art College

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london art college profile who offer Oil Painting courses In East Grinstead Online course
8 reviews
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Engaging and Informative

Helped me develop my skills and encouraged me at all stages. A challenging cours...more

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The oils certificate course has been written and is tutored by Alan Dedman. The oils course aims to give you the necessary knowledge and skills to work creatively and artistically with oil paints. ...more

Duration: Variable

Multiple levels

Course Provider Diploma/Certificate/Award

Online course £255
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Online course

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In this course we will take you through the very basics of oil painting. Through introducing the first types of tools that you will use, and introducing the very core techniques to oil painting, this...more

Duration: 2 hours

Multiple levels

Certificate of Attendance

Online course £45

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It’s free, there’s no real pressure, you can take it at your own pace - these are some of the best things about online learning, but they’re also some of the worst. They sometimes mean you never quite get past the second or third hurdle, you never...


If you think your knowledge of oil painting is zero, then you'd be wrong. Because who isn't familiar with the most famous oil of all time, the Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci? Even if your grasp of enigmatic smiles and lifelike portraits...


How often do you push yourself to do something new? We know people lead busy lives and most of us have just about figured out that balance which allows for both work and play. The thought of incorporating yet another element can also seem daunting...