Our guide to digital media courses


The digital world has changed drastically over the last decade and is ever fluctuating to this present day. Advancements in technology and the growing influence of social media means now more than ever is a great time for you to get up to date with everything with a digital media course. The world of digital media is now so vast and all encompassing that you will be hard pressed to find a job or career which doesn’t utilise social media or other forms of the digital world.


What is digital media?

Digital media is slightly more complicated than most people think, but in essence it’s data stored electronically as opposed to the analogue ways of the past (VHS, cassette tapes) and  you pretty much can’t escape it in today’s digital world.


But do I really need to know about it?

You don’t have to be a Neo-like coder from The Matrix or an entrepreneurial Mark Zuckerberg type to benefit from a digital media course. Even if your career or future hopes aren’t media specific anyone can learn and develop in some way from a course. As an example, taking a quick Linkedin course can help you utilise the social networking site for professionals as a great networking tool if you work in sales or marketing.


What kind of digital media courses can I take?

As digital media is such a huge industry, there are many different courses available for you to take that all fall under that umbrella yet remain poles apart. You can take a course in anything from an introductory course to Adobe Photoshop to digital film animation. You will find that a lot of digital media courses can be quite creative and design based such as film animation, but can then involve a lot of theory based topics too such as social media for businesses or search engine optimisation (SEO) strategies. There are also video production courses as well as art and design options too which may involve 3D computer modelling or web design.  Courses are available for all kinds of people; whether you want to enhance your career with new skills or just to pick up something you were otherwise unfamiliar with before then there is bound to be something for you.


What will I be learning?

A course in social media will show you how to use sites like Facebook and Twitter as a means of advertising or PR, or as a way to get traffic directed to your businesses website. If you are someone with a small business with a website then there are also SEO courses, which like social media is a means of getting your site out there but this time through search engines like Google. You will be taught how to optimise your pages for Google using keywords and phrases that make it more obtainable to people searching.

If you decide to take on a course in Photoshop, be it introductory for beginners or Photoshop for experienced photographers needing to learn the latest photo editing software, then there are plenty of options for you. Photoshop is an amazing tool that allows you to touch-up your photography as much or as little as you want with its amazing features. If you’re a photographer or an aspiring one then you will grow to learn that Photoshop is arguably as important as your camera itself.


What qualifications can I get?

Some courses will offer professional qualifications such as BTECs or foundation degrees in different levels in varying fields.  Some other courses won’t offer you something industry recognised, but what they do give you is an education you can take with you in your everyday life or job.



As digital media grows, the opportunities within the industry multiply also. It is now almost essential to have some working knowledge of the digital world at work, but some courses may pave the way for a whole new career. You could become a social media officer where you will take charge of a company’s activities on the web via Twitter or Facebook. With the social media boom in full effect, social media managers are more important than ever with companies realising the importance of a strong, social presence. Getting into social media is just one of many careers which a digital media course may lead you. One thing is for certain in this ever-growing technological world, the sooner you take action the better!

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