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Could you make someone’s work life better? That’s what the CIPD is for! It stands for the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development and is the official body for the human resources (HR) industry. It provides professional qualifications for people looking to work in HR, as well as those already in HR. Owner-managers of businesses, HR managers, learning and development (L&D) professionals and line-mangers are among the many people who opt for a CIPD course every year. The result? People who earn CIPD qualifications are better equipped to supervise and manage the career development of the people they manage. And because it’s an industry qualification, having a CIPD course under your belt should make you more employable too.


What is the CIPD?

The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development was founded in 1913 and now has more than 130,000 members! It is headquartered in London and is one the largest providers of HR and L&D training in the world!


Who takes a CIPD course?

You don’t have to be a CIPD member to do a course – here are some of the typical people you’ll find on a programme...


·         HR and L&D professionals: If you work in HR or L&D – or you want to move into the profession – a CIPD qualification will hone your skills and give the industry’s stamp of approval. There are plenty of courses and qualifications at different levels to choose from, so no matter what stage you’re at in your career, you should find something for you.


·         General managers: If you’re manager of a team – no matter how large or small – completing a CIPD course will help you improve the way you manage that team. You’ll learn about management techniques, personality types and what to look out for when hiring, as well as how to manage an employee who is underperforming.


·         Owner-managers: Lots of owner-managers of businesses take CIPD courses. If you’re a business owner you’ll know that often there just isn’t the budget to keep a dedicated HR department – or even outsource your HR needs. This leaves you, the business owner, to recruit and manage staff. A CIPD course will teach you how to recruit the right staff and keep them happy.


What will I learn?

What you cover will vary depending on the length and type of CIPD course you choose, but you may cover the following areas:

•         What HR and L&D mean and how to create an HR plan for a company

•         Recruitment and selection – ways to effectively hire staff

•         Training and development – how to ensure staff keep progressing and stay motivated

•         Performance management and employment relations – how to measure the success of an employee

•         Relevant legislation – the specific government guidelines that all businesses must adhere to   

•         Leadership and management – how lead a team effectively


What kinds of courses are there?

CIPD courses range between highly technical and advanced courses for HR and L&D managers, to introductory courses for non-HR professionals, business owners and those looking to break into the industry. There are work-based vocational courses, such as the ‘NVQ in Advanced Diploma in Human Resource Management’, foundation certificates like the ‘CIPD Certificate in Human Resources Practice’ and specialists awards like the ‘CIPD Level 7 Advanced Award in Employee Engagement’.

In fact, the CIPD has more than 100 courses to choose from and they range from foundation, to intermediate to advanced level. To have access to all 100 courses you’ll need to become a CIPD member.


How will a CIPD course help my career?

People do CIPD courses for all sorts of reasons. Here are five fantastic ways a CIPD course can supercharge your career...


·         Land you a promotion: More training equals more responsibility – it’s that simple! With a CIPD course under your belt you’ll have more reason to pluck up the courage and finally ask your boss for that promotion (and pay-rise!) that you’ve been patiently waiting for.


·         Boost your confidence: Managing teams of people can be hard work – and it can take its toll on your confidence. A CIPD course will refresh and hone your skills, while highlighting any areas you might need to improve and underlining the bits you’re getting right.

·         Help you jump ship: Stuck in a job that’s not really going anywhere? Signing up for a course and taking a step outside your daily 9-5 routine, and meeting new and like-minded people, could be the kick start you need to start applying for new jobs. (And with another qualification on you CV you’ll be more employable too!)

·         Inspire a change: It may be that it’s not the job that’s getting you down, but the industry altogether. If you’re thinking of a career change – and it’s never too late – moving into human resources could be a great idea. An introductory course in human recourses or learning and development could help you make that all-important leap.

·         You’ll get the industry stamp of approval: The CIPD is the industry body for HR and L&D. Pretty much all UK businesses recognise the CIPD and having a CIPD qualification on your CV will provide you with excellent accreditation you can take anywhere.

By Rebecca Hobson

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Awarding organisations

  • Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development
  •   Achieving chartered status in 2000, Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) is the biggest human resources organisation in the world. With members spread over 120 countries. Most CIPD qualifications pave the way for a CIPD professional membership - Associate, Chartered Member or Chartered Fellow - by providing you with a strong base of knowledge required for eligibility.  CIPD offers foundation, intermediate and advanced courses in HR management, HR development and Learning and Development (L&D). It works towards using HR to bring about sustained organisation performance, build HR capabilities and set standards for HR excellence.  

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