Our guide to Christmas cookery courses


It’s Christmas time and you have the family coming round for dinner, it’s still months away but for some reason you just can’t stop stressing about what to cook, don’t worry we’ve all been in the same boat. Why not try a Christmas cookery class to give you some inspiration for the festivities ahead? Learning how to make a new scrumptious cake or a delicious dinner will put the whole family in good spirits for the Christmas period. Whether you struggle to know the difference between mince meat and a mince pie or you’re already an expert chef, these courses will teach anyone a few tricks for the festive season.


It’s not all turkey and Christmas pudding...

Ok, it’s true, there may be some delicious food that you just have to eat at Christmas without fail, such as roast turkey and Christmas pudding, but this doesn’t mean you can’t broaden your horizon and cook a whole host of food for your excited guests. A Christmas cookery course will teach you the methods of cooking a wide variety of food that will leave your guests drooling for more. These classes will help to ease the stress off your shoulders, teaching you how to time and prepare your Christmas dinner to perfection and the secrets of baking a flawless cake.  

Are you sick and tired of making the same old roast turkey and cake every Christmas? These Christmas cookery classes will teach you to make all sorts of scrumptious and unique snacks from the perfect three bird roast dinner, mouth-watering cakes to alternative Christmas dinners with a twist. Depending on the course you choose to enrol on, you can expect to learn to bake a wide variety of cakes and desserts, learn to cook an array of dinners from roast turkey to gluten-free alternatives and even more simple courses where you can learn things such as decorating cupcakes or preparing food in advance. If specifically baking cakes is more your thing you may be better suited for a cake making or cake decorating course.


Starting early...

Even the most organised of people are in complete disarray during the Christmas period. With family coming from all over the country even the most relaxed of chefs would feel the heat, preparation is absolutely key.  Things such as carrots, sprouts, parsnips can all be peeled on Christmas Eve while cakes can be prepared days in advance. If your family are staying longer than just Christmas Day you can also prepare meals such as lasagne and fish pie and freeze them ready to be whipped into the oven.


‘Tis the season

Christmas is not completely about stuffing your face with food, it’s about sharing time with family and friends and there’s nothing wrong with enjoying a few glasses of wine in the process. Some Christmas cookery courses will let you take part in wine tasting session and you can even dabble in creating your own mulled wine. As you learn to become an expert at Christmas cookery you will also find yourself making new friends and talking to different people, these courses are very sociable, who doesn’t love a good chat over a glass of mulled wine?


A few quick tips...


Preparing your Christmas dinner well in advanced is absolutely essential for a stress free day. Having everything ready to throw in the oven will save you preparation time on the day.


Beat the rush and go shopping early to buy your Christmas goodies. Make sure that you read recipes thoroughly and have a detailed shopping list, you don’t want to find out on Christmas Day you are missing the gravy granules.

Clear the cupboards

The Christmas shop ultimately ends in the bulging of cupboards as you try to force half of your local supermarket into the kitchen. Having a good clean out of your cupboards, fridge and freezer will give you the space for all those Christmas goodies.

Leave time for yourself

Making a time plan for Christmas Day of when you need to cook everything will give you time to spend with the family and concentrate on unwrapping presents instead of watching the clock.

After your festivities have finished be sure to check out our list of fitness courses as you make your new year’s resolution to burn all those extra festive calories off.

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