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At West Dean College, all programmes are taught by practicing professionals, who are internationally renowned in their respective fields.


Be introduced to basic mechanisms and experiment with ways in which they can be combined with form to create automata with a narrative theme. The combination of movement and materials such as wood, wire,...more

Duration: 3 days

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Birdcage Barn Emporium

This is a fun and informal workshop based around creative christmas decorations, with the main theme being recycling. We'll use many items that you currently have at home and show you how to turn them...more

Duration: 6 hours


No Qualification



Art might be one of the smallest words in the dictionary, but these three, unassuming letters open up a world of creative opportunity for anyone who wishes to grasp it. Perhaps art has been your life-force since the very first time you picked up a...


Art , for the uninitiated, is generally quite confusing. ‘What makes art, ‘art’?’ is a question many have asked and even some of the world’s top artists can’t answer it. Some say it’s about being unique, some say it’s about skill, some say it’s...

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