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Outstanding teaching!!

The biggest appeal of the Access Course to me was the speed of it. I didn’t want...more

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An advanced course for those seriously engaged in writing a novel, this course looks in greater depth at the mythic theory of plotting. The class atmosphere is supportive, but candid and...more

Duration: 4 weeks


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w2a - writer to author
From£200 Instant book

Take a 3 day course on historical fiction covering Shakespeare, Charlotte Bronte and Charles Dickens. On each day, cover the work of one author and with the aid of guided writing exercises, examine the...more

Duration: 3 days

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From£200 Instant book


Stamina. Lightning-fast reactions. A good memory. Solid public speaking skills. Wide general knowledge. The ability to get on with all kinds of people. These are just some of the talents you’ll need to be an interpreter ! Interpreting ...


It wasn’t until we spoke to some of the experts on this page that we realised how difficult interpreting actually was. Imagine having to repeat word for word what someone is saying as they speak at the speed of normal conversation; now repeat...