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The biggest appeal of the Access Course to me was the speed of it. I didn’t want...more

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Through letters and documents we meet some fascinating characters: clerks, a cavalry officer, some bankers, an engineer, the woman who emptied a chamber pot over Herakleides as he passed her window, a...more

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“An A level in Classical Civilisation represents a broad portfolio of skills and knowledge. By studying Classical Civilisation at A level, you will become familiar with many aspects of the ancient world....more

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GCE A/AS Level or equivalent



Philosophy, or literally ‘love of wisdom’, is something that we use everywhere and all the time, without even realising it. You may be somebody that hates the thought of philosophy; at first glance it can seem like a boring subject...


Philosophy – using logic and theory to find truth in the things we don’t understand – sounds clever right? Studying philosophy sounds a little scary, yet in actual fact most of us use it all the time without realising it. To help you realise just...

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