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Our guide to cabinet making courses

Looking to develop or improve your Cabinet Making skills by trying an Cabinet Making course for the first time? An Cabinet Making course will giving you a basic knowledge and understanding of the subject you’re interested in, plus give you the opportunity to learn more about it. There are often courses based on levels of ability, so whether you’re a complete beginner when it comes to knowing about Cabinet Making or already have some knowledge, there will be a programme suited to your experience. Not only do many courses cost very little to enrol on, but courses like this are usually part-time, meaning you’ll be able to fit learning about Cabinet Making around your work and social schedule.

Cabinet Making course reviews and other useful articles

Cabinet Making reviews - what others are saying about cabinet making

Great short evening courses!

Where: School Of Stuff (The)

What: Cabinet Making Basic Skills

by Chris - September 2014

I took two 3 hour per week evening courses at The School of Stuff in basic and intermediate cabinet making, each one just long enough for a simple but satisfying project. The first essentially covered dovetail joints in a simple but... more

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Cabinet makers are skilled craftsmen/women who make individually designed and produced pieces of furniture such as chairs, tables, chests of drawers, fitted furniture and cabinets for storage or display. Cabinet makers may also restore antiques or repair damaged furniture. The Cabinet making process begins with obtaining or creating a design drawing of the furniture, from which the quantity and type of materials required and the method of construction are decided. The cabinet maker will then purchase the material from suppliers such as timber yards. Using electric and...more

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