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Rosemary K Pharo Training
From£150 Instant book

This is the first level in Reiki training. You will become connected to Reiki - an endless sources of healing energy. You will be learn how to give yourself a Reiki treatment, give friends and family a...more

Duration: 15 hours


Part time

Course Provider Diploma/Certificate/Award

From£150 Instant book


Have you ever psyched yourself up to try something new or do something exciting, but then decided against it at the last minute? Bungee jumping is one thing, but wanting to further your knowledge and then stopping yourself can be detrimental to...


Imagine being able to lay your hands on someone and make them feel like they just woken up from a deep sleep; no this isn’t something taught in Hogwarts, but a deeply spiritual practice developed in 1922 by Japanese Buddhist, Mikao Usui. Through...


When you form a startup you’ll enjoy the perks of being your own boss, but self-employment has its own challenges to overcome. How can you steer clear of pitfalls to climb the startup mountain? Perks Freedom to be your own boss ...

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