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Program/Course Overview No matter what your responsibility, you must communicate. Whether verbal or non-verbal, intentional or unintentional, active or passive, communication occupies up to 75% of...more

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The programme is flexible to exactly meet the client’s need.  The venue and timing of sessions is arranged session by session, a Workbook is provided, easy payment scheme for micro-businesses...more

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Do you dream of running your own business? Would you describe yourself as a budding entrepreneur? From Apple to Facebook, the most successful businesses in the world started with a single idea, a gap in the market and a lot of hard work. If you...


When starting your business , the only way to succeed is to take the lead from the greats that have gone before you. Ok, that’s not the only way. You need a decent plan, a good head for numbers, a unique idea...but quotes are helpful, right? ...

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