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Our guide to bricklaying courses

Bricklaying courses are ideal for those looking for a career in property and construction. On a typical bricklaying course you will be taught about the structure of buildings and how to maintain them. You will also learn how to use the different tools necessary to lay bricks correctly and how to ensure they are level. Health and safety also forms a big part of most bricklaying courses as well as understanding technical drawings. Bricklaying courses are very practical and it is unlikely you will spend much time in the classroom.

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Q. What qualifications route did you take to realise your career? City & Guilds Craft and Advanced Craft and 25 years industry experience. Q. Please explain what students will learn during your course? Students will learn practical hand skills as well as more

Awarding organisations

  • Construction Awards Alliance
  • Construction Awards Alliance (CAA) is now known as Cskills Awards or CITB‑ConstructionSkills’Awarding Organisation, to give it its longer name. Cskills Awards provides individuals and organisations with a wide range of competence qualifications (NVQs) in the construction field. CAA C-Skills’ qualifications are delivered through innovative teaching methods and a network of nearly 1000 centres. They also provide invaluable links to the industry, in addition to world-class training and exceptional networking and communication experiences for the individual’s personal and professional development.

  • ConstructionSkills
  • The Construction Industry Training Board, otherwise known as CITB, is synonymous with world class service and helping people progress in the construction industry. CITB is a leading organisation in construction and works with approved training centres to offer well-respected qualifications to those aspiring to make it big in this field. They work closely with big industry names to ensure their training is to a very high standard. Businesses can also benefit from the added value of the CITB-CSkills Awards brand.

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Bricklayers build and maintain a range of structures including internal and external walls on new houses and commercial projects, chimney stacks, tunnel linings and decorative work such as archways and garden walls. They also deal with the repair and refurbishment of existing brickwork or masonry. For bricklaying they use a variety of hand and power tools and various materials such as bricks, blocks, lintels, stone and mortar. A typical new-build housing job will include the following tasks: measuring the area and setting out first courses (rows) and damp...more