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north london tutorial college profile who offer Chemistry courses  in Barnet

At North London Tutorial College we aim to prepare students for GCSE, AS / A Level, UK university entrance, professional and other academic exams.

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The course looked at digital photography basic techniques and how to use your di...more

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One Year GCE Course on the OCR Board- Exam fees are payable on entry to the examinations. The first term covers unit 1 and 2. There are 3 terms. ...more

Duration: 1 year


Part time evening

GCE A/AS Level or equivalent

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barnet college profile who offer Chemistry courses In Barnet
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I go to college Monday to Friday. I expected the course content to be complex an...more

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A2 Chemistry specification - 9CH0 Examining Board - EDEXCEL Topics covering inorganic, organic and physical...more

Duration: 36 weeks


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GCE A/AS Level or equivalent



Do you find yourself wondering about the other forms of life outside earth? Would you rather spend time in your school lab, experimenting and dissecting, than playing with colours and art? Have you already decided to pursue science as a career?...


How much of your school day science lessons do you remember? Take our quiz to find out -  ...

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