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Awarding organisations

  • Royal Institute of British Architects
  • The Royal Institute of British Architects sets standards and offers support for promoting the architecture profession. The organisation works with the government to enhance the designs of buildings, homes and communities. The Royal Institute of British Architects strives to build interest among students in the profession and works with them in various schools to offer all the support and inspiration needed for quality designing. RIBA sets the standards for quality through its awards, namely the RIBA regional awards for UK buildings, and the RIBA International Awards for buildings outside of the EU. 

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Architects design and construct new buildings, restore and conserve old ones, and plan the layout of whole groups of buildings and the spaces around them. Architects are responsible for the building project from the earliest stages right through to completion. Architects produce designs based on clients’ requirements, taking into account cost, safety and social factors, and any building and planning regulations. On larger jobs a team of architects work together. Once the design is agreed, a further set of detailed working drawings are produced for the building...more