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This course you will learn advanced programming practices and techniques that will help you develop Windows Store apps. In this course, you will learn how design and develop Windows Store apps, as well as...more

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From£2,340 Instant book
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Principles of Object Orientation Creating models Classes & objects Encapsulation; specialisation & polymorphism Deigning Applications with UML What Is UML UML Diagrams Use Case Diagrams Class...more

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Despite their incredible power and potential, computers are very simple devices at heart. Even the most well-specified or expensive computer will fail to operate at all without software telling it what to do. This might take the form of an...


We are the first to admit, when we first looked at the brief and saw the words ‘fun’ and ‘ computer programming’ we panicked a little. Listening to the computer programmers here at Hotcourses HQ, we struggle to understand them, let alone their...

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