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How does place function in your writing? How does it define your characters and strengthen your story? Which borders are crossed and which remain solid? In this workshop we will use exercises that allow...more

Duration: 3 hours

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contentetc profile who offer Creative Writing courses In Aberystwyth

ContentETC offers an excellent selection of courses designed to help individuals improve their written communication skills.


There are some key differences in writing for the web and writing for print. This session prompts delegates to adapt their style to the media and to learn more about the latest theory behind good web...more

Duration: 1 day


Certificate of Attendance



Do you have a gift for words? Is writing your true calling? Whether you’re a traditionalist who loves their Bic pen and yellow-paged notebook or a contemporary who taps away on a Mac, if words and writing move you and storytelling is your...


Ever wondered which famous book character you are? Try our quiz and find out!  ...

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