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Dog Psychology and Training Courses Direct Distance Education

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My Journey of Learning with Drawpj

I first decided to become a student of Drawpj after my husband passed away in 20...more

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Dog Psychology and Training:

Do you want a career that you can work with man’s best friend?

An understanding of canine psychology and behaviour is vitally important for anyone who works with dogs or keeps them as a companion animal.  There are a range of occupations that require this understanding, including;  dog breeders, dog groomers, dog trainers, dog therapists, dog walkers or pet sitters, dog boarding or kennel assistants, pet shop assistants and RSPCA workers.

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10 reviews


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Great course!
by Angel - November 2013

This course is like a childhood friend who extends a hand so you can jump across the creek and join her on the other side. With the help of my wonderful teacher Brigitte and the courses found Cindy and my fellow online students, I?ve jumped across the divide from wanna be artist to artist. I?m learning to draw! The structure of the course is fantastic. Cindy understands the building blocks one needs to engage with art. Each skill builds on the next. I love the printed material I read, the assignments and Brigitte?s feedback. Several times she's let me redo an assignment as I better grasp the concept at hand. Combine the well-organized knowledge and the sequence of drawing assignments with what technology allows today (scanned art!) and I have a course that provides the expertise, experience, support and flexibility I need to learn how to draw at this point in my life. (I'm a sixty year old woman living in a rural and isolated part of Wisconsin.) I highly recommend this course. Angel Tollefson Lancaster, Wisconsin

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Great course
by Philip - November 2013

I'm on my second module of this course and am very impressed so far. I signed after years of procrastination and not wanting to commit to regular evening class when I'm sure to be too tired to learn. The online aspect really works well for me as I can study when I want. My teacher's comments are always supportive, well thought out and relevant and she always responds really quickly. The course material is well written, with just about the right level of progress week to week. It's really motivating how much you can achieve in just a short time. My advice - don't hesitate!

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A Course That Works
by Vera - November 2013

For me, The Complete Drawing and Painting Certificate Course was the last listless try to make my dream to draw as an artist come true. I felt like, 'Well, I've tried almost everything already, so why not.' I used to read tons of how-to-draw literature and practiced a lot, but the result, if any, never pleased me. When the first part of the course began, I thought, 'You want me to do those simple exercises? Well, I will. But I still don't believe that all this stuff can help me learn how to draw.' However, the magic started to appear in no time! First, highly detailed instructions answer most of your questions before you really have them; second, your personal instructor is a real expert, a wise, patient mentor who's always got something to suggest, even to those who already know something about drawing. It's a teacher who can not only predict all your mistakes, but also offer you a multitude of solutions once you've done something wrong. It's a friend who's always there to encourage you and point out your work's strengths. Finally, your instructor is an experienced learner who?s come through all the hardships of artistic study and who's well-aware of how strong and annoying a beginner artist's inner critic is. Now I'm sure that the 'Complete Drawing and Painting Certificate Course' is one of the best online courses of that kind available today. I'm really grateful to Cindy Wider, the course co-founder, Tannis Trydal my instructor and all the instructors for their efforts, devotion, care and support.

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My Journey of Learning with Drawpj
by tee2tee - December 2013

I first decided to become a student of Drawpj after my husband passed away in 2012, I was left with 'what am I going to do now' I had done quilting for 10 years, been a line dancer longer couldn't continue this due to my cancer treatment leaving me with 'peripheral neuropothy' of the feet and hands, so at 73 decided I would do drawing which I had done off and on since childhood, a friend, (herself an artist ) convinced me to paint ow that was a hit from left centre, no I said I can't paint I only draw, anyway after painting for awhile I realised there was a lot more to painting than putting colour on a canvas, so went surfing on the web and found, wow that has been a rewarding experience . A fantastic course well planned and set out easy to follow lessons. The teachers are so good my allotted teacher has been wonderful, generous with her time, patient, encouraging, committed and gave such helpful advice, she's a dream and I thank her from the bottom of my heart. It wasn't easy for her either as you really can't make a silk purse from a sow's ear but you can improve on it and she did that for me. Mind you it wasn't easy, the vast amount of interesting information and learning in art is amazing and I find I can now visit art shows and galleries and look at art from a different perspective .I would highly recommend this internet course to anybody no matter your age,I am so glad I found it. Pat Monaghan

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Great Course
by Jessica - November 2013

Overall this course has been fantastic so far. Each week of the course work is broken down into manageable pieces. The feedback from the tutors is excellent and gives lots of encouragement as well as points of improvement. I chose this course because I wanted to improve my drawing skills. I can study whenever I want to and get supported all the way. Definitely don't think twice about choosing this course.

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