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Dog Psychology and Training Courses Direct Distance Education

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Dog Psychology and Training:

Do you want a career that you can work with man’s best friend?

An understanding of canine psychology and behaviour is vitally important for anyone who works with dogs or keeps them as a companion animal.  There are a range of occupations that require this understanding, including;  dog breeders, dog groomers, dog trainers, dog therapists, dog walkers or pet sitters, dog boarding or kennel assistants, pet shop assistants and RSPCA workers.

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Dog Training

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10 reviews


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Fantastic way to learn to draw and paint!
by tee2tee - November 2013

I studied this course a few years ago and it has made such a difference in my life. So many doors have opened for me and I have launched my art career. I have won a first prize at a juried art show and have had my work included in a travelling art show. Before I studied this course I was an absolute beginner. I've was able to achieve amazing results because of the one on one instruction and commenting on each and every exercise submitted to my tutor.

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Learning to draw can happen for you too!
by Walid - November 2013

I had never had art training before but I had a longing to be able to draw fighting superheroes in tights but somehow it was something that I always thought was not within my grasp. Doing the Complete Drawing and Painting Certificate course, taught me that I too could learn to draw beautifully. One of the things that I love about the course, is how very very well crafted all the assignments were. For a beginner like me, this was HUGE, because since all the assignments built upon the notions that I learned from the previous one, I never felt overwhelmed during my journey. Learning to draw can be a daunting task on your own if you don't have the support you need because there is so much good stuff to learn, especially when you are starting out. Having assignments that make sense and add on each other kind of give you the feeling... if I could describe it in any way, it would be like this...It kind of feels like you're doing a puzzle. You know when you put that first piece, it stands disconnected from the big picture, and then you add another and another and another and then one day without you maybe realizing it, you're actually drawing! It's like magic! Undoubtedly and I could never ever stress that enough, having a tutor take the time to look at my work and comment on ways I can improve a drawing, really opened my eyes on stuff that would have taken me longer to figure out on my own. So that totally helped me with the learning process! The one to one approach encouraged me to keep going every step of the way. It is what gave me the belief that I can, it is what gave me the will to do that extra 10 percent. If you're someone who's starting out like I was or maybe you have some artistic knowledge and trying to take your art to the next level, jump in with both feet. You're going to learn amazing things and learn that drawing CAN happen for you too, it is not something that is in the distance or reserved for special people.

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Great course
by Philip - November 2013

I'm on my second module of this course and am very impressed so far. I signed after years of procrastination and not wanting to commit to regular evening class when I'm sure to be too tired to learn. The online aspect really works well for me as I can study when I want. My teacher's comments are always supportive, well thought out and relevant and she always responds really quickly. The course material is well written, with just about the right level of progress week to week. It's really motivating how much you can achieve in just a short time. My advice - don't hesitate!

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Great online course
by Johan - November 2013

Really good online course. The instructors are very supportive and provide valuable feed back on each weeks exercise. Each weeks exercise can be completed within a week or if you are short on time you can complete it at your own pace without feeling rushed. The instructors are always willing to provide help if you have questions about the work at hand.

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Creating beautful art is easier than you think!
by Amanda - November 2013

Before starting this course, my last experience with art was in high school, so naturally I didn't think I would be able to create anything special. I have always loved art and creating and simply decided to just have fun with the course. To my surprise, I began to produce art that actually looked pretty good. This course takes the natural ability that we all have and then builds on it by taking you through the process one step at a time. My amazing tutor has always given me lots of positive encouragement and because the learning is on a one-on-one basis, the feedback you receive is completely relevant to you and you alone. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who loves to draw and paint and wants to gain confidence in what they can create.

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