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Brilliant materials!

I started my combined science IGCSE in November 2014 and took my exams in May 20...more

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'The course curriculum at National Extension College is developed by subject experts and is designed especially to suit the home learning experience.'

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The National Extension College is a not-for-profit organisation set up to help people of all ages and backgrounds fit learning into their lives. Our mission is to widen learning opportunities by creating and promoting alternative modes of study - we have been providing distance learning courses for over 50 years and our expertise is second to none.

Our course materials are written by subject experts and each student is allocated a personal tutor to answer any queries and support their studies. All our courses are designed for home learning so you can study at your own pace, when and where it suits you, so whether you want to further your career, take your life in a new direction, or explore a new interest, look here.

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Brilliant materials!
by Natalie - August 2015

I started my combined science IGCSE in November 2014 and took my exams in May 2015, so essentially I did 2 years worth of learning in 6 months which in itself was hard going, but using the materials from the NEC was really worthwhile. The (extremely large) handbook you get when you enrol has everything you need to learn in it to be able to take the exams, of which there are three. I did get myself a science tutor and in the run up to my exams had a few consolidation sessions where we went through the past papers that are online as preparation, which I would highly recommend if a tutor is in your budget...self teaching does get quite difficult sometimes, even with the help of your NEC tutor via email/phone, sometimes you just need a face to face session with a real person! The exam process was really simple, I took my exams in a NEC partnership school, so everything was sorted out for me and I was just told where to go, what to bring and on what date! Getting results back was also really easy too, as your statement of results will just be emailed out to you on results day! I only needed to retake my science GCSE to enrol on a primary PGCE course, and am super happy to say I got my results 2 days ago and passed, so I begin my teacher training in 3 weeks! There were also lots of other people in the same position as me, so if this is what you need to use the NEC for, I would thoroughly recommend it!!

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IGCSE Maths and Biology
by A - June 2014

Absolutely brilliant! I'm a fifteen-year-old taking my IGCSEs at home, and I did Biology and Maths Higher through NEC. Finished both in five months with (hopefully!) two A*s. I couldn't recommend them enough! You get sent a binder with about 12 assignments that you send in after each topic, and then your tutor gets back to you about it within a few days. I called my tutor about once a week as well for extra help. A few weeks before the exams, I started to do past papers (from Edexcel's website) and read revision guides etc, which really helped get me the A*. I'm doing another set of courses with them next year and I'm already looking forward to it!

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NEC IGCSE English Language
English Language IGCSE
by Peter - April 2012

I found the course very well structured. I jsut worked my way throught the assignmnets. The last 4, I simulated as exam questions under the same time constaints with no planning or time to think before starting the essays. The feedback from the tutor was very useful. The only down side is the assignmnet questions are parts of typical exam questions. It would be better if they were similar in structure to the exam. This would give a true reflection on ones performance to passing the exam, which is the aim of the course. I would strongly advise to complete past exam papers, downloaded from the Edexcel website, and complete the mock papers before taking the exam. I did all of the above and obtained an A* grade.

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Much easier than I thought
Biology A Level
by Anon - March 2012

I am so pleased I took the plunge and did a distance learning course. I really thought I could only be taught in a classroom environment but I've just received my first "A" and am enjoying the home-study nature as it means I can dip in when I want. One of the main benefits is there's no travel and no waste - 5 hours a week is 5 hours of study - not time on a bus or waiting for a teacher to arrive.

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Maths GCSE Foundation
by Ivylou - March 2012

As a child I failed my GCSE Maths, so decided to give it another go as an adult. It is distance learning and it is up to the student to decide when to work during the 2 year study period, so I found it hard to motivate myself initially to study after a long day at work - once I got started there was no stopping me though! Couldn't ask for more from my tutor, he was always very polite and friendly and I got my assignments back well within the time that NEC states. The materials were really good too and explained things in lots of different ways. I did find some topics went on a bit too long and told my tutor who advised me to speak to the staff at NEC. I was a bit worried about ringing up to moan, but the lady I spoke to seemed very pleased to receive my feedback and I felt like she really cared. Although I knew I had to book my own exams, I didn't realise how scary this can be when you don't really understand the process. I called around a couple of local centres, but in the end I went to one of their partnership centres. Everything went smoothly and I didn't have to worry. Got the grade I wanted and will use again in the future. Would recommend!

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