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I learned so much in a couple of hours. Karl was very patient. I specifically wa...more

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We are passionate about your learning experience. Seriously. We want you to have the best, money can buy. It's why we keep the class sizes small, with no more than six. It's why we select our tutors who not only have heaps of practical experience but sparkle with enthusiasm. It is why when you arrive we’ll offer up a freshly brewed cuppa with a smile.

Since 2009 when we opened our doors, we know we are offering something special. Not just an education, but a philosophy. A chance to change the direction of learning and the service of teaching.

We continue to strive for this, building our strength in the market place one student at a time. This is learning - as it should be.


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Excellent Value
Photo Mentoring One-to-One (Booked online with Hotcourses)
by MAXINE - November 2014

I learned so much in a couple of hours. Karl was very patient. I specifically wanted to learn how to use my camera in low light conditions. The bonus was that he showed me that my older model camera was actually a better one to use in low light conditions rather than my newer bridge camera. I would definitely buy another tutorial with him.

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Mango Labs Photo Course
by James - August 2013

We did a 4 day course with only three people in the group, not including Julia. We were able to choose where we wanted to go each day so the whole mobility of the course was fun. I had a great time and hope to enroll in the video course near christmas.

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Beginner Digital Photography
by Kate - June 2013

I recently attended The Mango Lab's Beginner Digital Photography course and loved every minute of it. The course was after work on a Tuesday evening for 4 weeks which was ideal for me as it gave me just enough time to nip home before heading to the class and finishing at 8.30pm didn't feel too late to me. For a total of 6 hours plus I really felt like I learnt an awful lot. Going at a nice steady pace set by the group I felt I picked up some really practical tips. Some of the tips that Julia showed us even in week one were astounding. I was so surprised by how simple it was to make my camera do some very seemingly fancy stuff. The results were instant and Julia was so nice about it. Never making me feel stupid for not knowing that my camera could do these things... Each week we re-capped what we had done the week before which helped cement the techniques even further and we then built on those lessons to reach higher levels of competency with our cameras. Despite the fact that we each had different cameras, makes and models Julia really knew her way around them and was very adept at finding the correct buttons to change the camera settings no matter which model or make you were using. I found this very impressive. All in all it was a fantastic class, Julia was a very kind, patient and light hearted tutor, making the course fun, enjoyable and a pleasure to be a part of. I would recommend The Mango Lab to any photographer as the course truly is money well spent.

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Summer Workshop reveiw
by Alice - September 2012

I am 16 years old and went to mango lab for a four day course in the summer, and absolutely loved it. I learnt so much about how to use my camera and haven't stopped snapping since. We explored many different skills in photography, from going out places to take photos (one place being Covent garden), to painting with light, water photography and even photo editing :D I haven't stopped experimenting with these, and have thoroughly enjoyed sharing the outcomes of my photos with family and friends. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone who had any interest in photography! :)

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Beginers photography course
by Lauren - September 2012

Enjoyed myself and learnt alot,however, I felt the first session (apperture,iso and shutter speeds) could have been taught more visually with some props to photograph to develop more of an understanding of the camera setting.

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