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Break through course

I have been suffering from social anxiety for more than 15 years. i had tried CB...more

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Introduction to Making Moves Confidence and Self Expression Courses

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Confidence and Self Expression

Claire SchraderClaire Schrader
Lecturer at Making Moves Confidence and Self Expression Courses

Claire Schrader is a specialist in confidence and self expression and has developed one of the fastest ways for quiet, reserved and inhibited people to break out of their shell and develop an effortless self-confidence. She started out in life as a shy violet until she discovered the way out through drama, theatre and improvisation and has been...more

'Making Moves courses are one of the most effective ways for quiet people to overcome self-consciousness and build a natural self-confidence.'

Introduction to Making Moves Confidence and Self Expression Courses

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Making Moves specialises in building confidence in quiet, reserved and introverted people, enabling them to communicate effectively in their personal and professional lives through a unique process - the Sunflower Effect.

Say goodbye to inhibitions, self consciousness and develop an unshakeable self-confidence and you will discover that it is not just the outgoing, go-getting, socialites that get along in this world.

The Sunflower Effect is based on an adapted form of drama combined with the most effective personal development tools available, enabling participants to break out of their shell and develop a natural self confidence - the fast, fun and easy way.

It doesn't matter how inhibited you think you are. Even extremely shy and self-conscious people have, in time, been able to say goodbye to their reticence, and uncovered the natural self confidence that lies buried within them. The Sunflower Effect is probably one of the most effective ways of overcoming shyness.

It works on the principle that the very thing that poses the deepest challenge for most quiet and reserved people - doing drama, being in the spotlight - is the thing that will liberate you from the internal restrictions that are holding you back. Making Moves courses provide a very safe environment in which you can gradually expand your comfort zone bit by bit, so that you will find yourself easily accomplishing the things that used to be challenging for you. This could be speaking up in front of groups,  socialising with your peers, networking, holding your own with dominant personalities, delivering presentations and reports or advancing your career prospects.

Making Moves was founded in 1997 by confidence specialist Claire Schrader who started out in life as the proverbial wallflower and is living proof that an introvert need not live on the sidelines. Claire has been helping people come out of their shell the fast, fun and easy way  - express themselves with confidence and authority - and achieve powerful breakthroughs in their lives.

You will feel at home in these courses if your learn better in a friendly and supportive group (8-12 participants) rather than an anonymous class. These courses will also suit you if your are interested in personal development or are highly motivated to improve your prospects.

Learn more about the kind of people Making Moves courses has helped, see testimonials from past participants or learn more about Claire's story and how she went from wallflower to award-winning playwright, author,  drama school trainer and to developing the Sunflower Effect.

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Break through course
by stefan - August 2016

I have been suffering from social anxiety for more than 15 years. i had tried CBT, Hypnotherapy, Other therapies, past regression therapy, anger management and went to see many psychologists but nothing really helped. all i found out from them is where my anxiety stems from and what causes it. none of them could cure my anxiety. then i did some research online and found out about social anxiety group therapies and then i decided to join making moves and give it a go. this was the best decision i ever made, for the first time i managed to face my anxiety in a safe and comfortable environment and rewire my brain to the fact that its absolutely normal to talk or perform in front of a group. its a slow and steady process but you will start to see changes in yourself and you will gain the confidence to push your comfort zone further and further. for example when i remember in my first session, i couldn't look up while talking to the group in the group discussion and all i said was two sentences and that's it. then in my second session i managed to say more and so on. i remember in my 7th session i managed to look up and talk to the group and had no problem making eye contact. by the 12th session i feeling completely confident talking and performing in front of the group. i could easily talk for 5 minutes non stop and feel completely normal. based on personal experience, my advice to anyone suffering from social anxiety is to not waste your time and money on one to one therapies but instead join a group therapy course like that offered by making moves in order to actually see some changes.

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Loving and Deep First Steps
by R. Bryson - February 2015

Attending a course like this can seem daunting but I, along with everyone else, was made to feel at ease almost immediately and after a few hours I was as comfortable with everyone there as I am with most friends. We all dug in very deep, with everyone eventually opening themselves in ways you won't have done at any other time in your life. Nothing was forced, support was constant and we all left wanting to come back for other courses. A fantastic start to what really is an unending journey in opening ourselves up more and embracing self expression.

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Excellent impro courses for confidence
by Inna - January 2015

This was my second course with making moves. Really enjoyed it, lots of fun exercises and great atmosphere. Structure of the course allowed to progress gradually and achieve great results at the end effortless. We were all amused at how we managed to develop ability to be spontaneous and confident in improvising in front of the group. Highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to build confidence, improve public speaking/presentation skills or open creative side of yourself.

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Excellent courses for building confidence
Early Finding Your Voice (Confidence, Public Speaking (20th Jan 2015)
by Inna - January 2015

Really enjoyed the course, I did other public speaking courses, but found this one most helpful as we did a lot of various exercises and everyone in the group had lots of opportunities to perform and practice in front of the group. Claire managed to create very supporting and open atmosphere, sessions were very fun and interactive. Learned a lot about myself and realised that confidence is a skill that can be developed as everything else. Highly recommended! Inna Kogan

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Express yourself for unshakeable self confidence introductory evening
by Michael - January 2015

I found this short 2 hour course to be very fun and enjoyable to participate in, and by the end of it i felt that i had begun to connect with my authentic self. The atmosphere with Claire and the other group members was very supportive, open and non-judjemental and i felt as though everyone was there for a similar reason.

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