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Unique & excellent contemporary music school!

The HNC songwriting course is good for those who has some musical knowledge and ...more

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Introduction to LCCM (London College of Creative Media)

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'We are the UK's leading quality independent university college of music and the only college that combines musical individuality with academic rigour.'

Introduction to LCCM (London College of Creative Media)

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London Centre of Contemporary Music is the UK's quality independent Higher Education college of music. It is the only college of contemporary popular music that combines musical individuality with academic rigour.

LCCM has music courses in performance, production, composing, songwriting and arranging. It is the only college to offer a BMus (Hons) programme that mixes Performance and Production.

Students can study bass, composition, drums, guitar, piano, saxophone, singing, songwriting, studio production, trombone and trumpet with some of the UK's finest musicians, composers and producers who make up the college's impressive list of tutors.

This regular faculty is augmented by visits from world class artists and figures from the music industry such as Marcus Miller, Michel Camilo, George Clinton, Peter Hammond, Randy Brecker, Pee Wee Ellis and Fred Wesley.

All courses at the college are practical and based around creating actual work. This means that all student gigs are held in great venues around London. It means that all student arrangements and compositions are performed by guest string quartets, horn sections and Big Bands. While other colleges intellectualise about music, LCCM students actually make it!

The college's undergraduate courses are for musicians who are looking for a complete education. All students study one chosen area such as guitar, drums or songwriting but in addition study composition and arranging, harmony and rhythm and professional practice in the same depth. This ensures that LCCM students develop an essential range of skills to prepare them for challenging careers in the often unorthodox creative industries.

In addition to undergraduate programmes, LCCM provides part-time evening classes for a range of levels, short courses and Summer Courses including specialist week courses for young players.

Unlike any other of London's music schools or colleges, LCCM is a centre for making and discovering music in a creative and welcoming environment. It draws on London's unique cultural diveristy and honours London's anarchic reputation be it for punk, jazz or experimental electronic underground.


LCCM has achieved extremely high standards for academic quality which are obvious from its QAA review and external examiner reports.


The college is uniquely open to all forms of music so what ever you're into, we want to hear from you.



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Unique & excellent contemporary music school!
Songwriting Course – Creative Musicianship
by YL - January 2015

The HNC songwriting course is good for those who has some musical knowledge and own characteristics, music theory & logic are taught systematically, while songwriting techniques are not spoon-fed but rather tailor-made to your need. Big variety of music can be played in the school: rock/ blues/ soul/ jazz/ latin/ funk/ drum n bass....good choice if you don't want to learn only one single kind of music, & good place to meet other fellow instrumentalists for your future career

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Best Thing I've Done In A Long Time
by Anotherguitar - January 2015

I auditioned for a place at LCCM on a Friday afternoon in November 2013. They control their own admissions, and I had an offer of a place on their new one year CertHE (guitar) course on the following Monday. Then I just had to wait until the following October to start. I did some free online courses in jazz improv and music production to help pass the time. Now in my second term, it?s everything I knew it would be ? I?ve been here before on a couple of evening/weekend courses. Expect to work hard; it?s not a free ride. They tell you this at the induction meeting on the first day. But it is more fun than anyone has the right to expect. The teaching is focused and the people are fantastic - tutors, fellow students, and the friendly office staff who all appear to be LCCM graduates and willingly give help with harmony and theory questions as well as room bookings and photocopying. Each term ends with a public performance in a London venue. You are assessed on your contribution to the band performance, not on your guitar hero technique. Our first performance was to about 250 people at Cargo in Shoreditch. It occurred to me as I stood on the stage that the proportion of musicians in the audience was (a lot) higher than the average. Better make it a good one then!

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Great place to develop
by adcal - November 2014

The college was flexible enough to give me a grounding in studio and digital production as well as the music industry itself while significantly developing my instrument skills. So a great place to develop all the skills I have needed to become an A&R person and artist manager.

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Music Performance - Drums
by jnpainting87 - October 2012

LCCM is ideal for diligent, intelligent musicians looking to take their playing to the next level. The repertoire covered across the course is fantastic and I discovered new artists on a daily basis through the tutors and fellow students. Here is a list of reasons I would highly recommend LCCM to any aspiring musician.... - The teaching is of a very high standard and I found that all of the material that I was taught in my reading, technique, snare and independence classes was completely applicable to everyday playing situations. The tutors don't try to mould the students into what they want, instead they give you a solid foundation of material that is geared towards developing your own artistic language as a player. The drum tutors want you to be a musician, not a clinic player full of fancy licks and not much else. - The instrument class sizes were small (3/4 to a class). - The ensemble classes (Music Performance groups and jam workshops) were very useful and the tuition was excellent. There are a massive range of instrument tutors running workshops so I got loads of really useful feedback from a lot of different perspectives. - The additional workshops such as Big Band and Latin Band were incredibly valuable in broadening my musical awareness and overall playing. Learning to read at sight and react to arrangement alterations on the spot are essential skills that the tutors really help you with. - The harmony classes are really useful. Being ale to speak to the musicians in my performance group in a harmonic common language was a massive help! - The gigs are always in great venues and the vibe is very friendly. They are always packed out and it's nice to see how everyone has been working on/arranging the repertoire throughout the term. I learnt more in a year at LCCM than I thought possible. Highly recommended!

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Excellent music education in London
by Kelli W - October 2012

I studied at LCCM from 2006-2008 on what was then their Higher National Diploma (HND) in Music Performance and Production. The quality of the teaching and learning opportunities was fantastic. After completing my debut album in early 2006, I was looking to fill in the gaps of my musical knowledge and skills and LCCM provided exactly what I needed without a lot of the fuss and fanfare I experienced at the other colleges I'd considered. The ethos of the institution was a good fit for me - equipping students with the tools necessary to make a living from one's passion for music - and the emphasis was often on providing as true-to-life situations (musically speaking) as possible, to give students insight into what they might encounter in a professional context. Some of the projects I loved most were arranging for strings, film scoring and of course performing in regular gigs in local venues! I would recommend it without hesitation to anyone looking to improve their theory, composition / arranging skills, performance skills and/or their ability to create computer-based music.

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