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Introduction to EuroTalk Ltd

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Introduction to EuroTalk Ltd

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Think you’re no good at languages?

Think again!

When you learnt your native language as a young child, you began by listening to those around you and gradually associating what you could see with the sounds you heard, before repeating them yourself.

EuroTalk software works in exactly the same way, starting you off with individual words and short, useful phrases, then progressing through the levels to build up your vocabulary and your confidence. With EuroTalk you won’t spend hours learning about grammar; after all, by the time you began to learn the grammar of your own language, you were already more than able to hold a conversation.

Most importantly, though, with EuroTalk you'll have fun! Learning a new language shouldn't be a chore, and let's face it - if you're bored, you won't learn anything. We've tried to make the EuroTalk experience as enjoyable as possible, so you actually want to stick with it. And who knows, you may discover language skills you never realised you had!

What's on offer

The EuroTalk range now includes 129 languages, and is still growing. We know that not everyone wants to learn French or Spanish. The most recent additions to our range include Kazakh, Aymara and Greenlandic! Visit our website to see the full list of languages available.

Features of the software include:

  • Seven main product ranges available, from beginner to advanced level.
  • Recording feature, giving you the chance to practise your pronunciation without embarrassment.
  • Printable phrasebooks to take away.
  • Addictive games and quizzes to test your understanding.
  • Print out a certificate as a record of achievement.
  • Download the vocabulary to your iPod or MP3 player (beginner level only).
  • Take a break – the software will remember you, so you can come back to practise and improve your score as many times as you like.
  • ‘Intelligent’ software, which focuses on your weaker areas help you improve.
Not convinced? Try the free demo to see how it works… Visit our website where you can try the demo in over 100 languages, or download a free taster. Learn to say ‘Hello’ in 115 languages – totally free!