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Course was fantastic

this course is what i have always wanted to do. it took me many years to pluck u...more

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'A non-profit company, we offer courses in counselling, psychotherapy and hypnotherapy.'

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Established in 1998, Chrysalis® is now the UK's market-leading trainer in talking therapies, with courses held across the country. We specialise in professional counselling, therapy and hypnotherapy courses. Chrysalis® seeks to encourage all our students to grow themselves through practical, enjoyable and satisfying courses - and in doing so, to help others grow. We take great pride in what we have to offer.

It's important to know that we are a Not For Profit Company. We have no shareholders, and our Directors and staff salaries are legally restricted to the going market rate. Any surplus "profits" we generate are required to be re-invested into sustaining and improving our training.

Chrysalis® courses are part-time, not full-time. Most of our students have work, family or financial commitments which would make full time study impossible. In addition to your monthly classes, as a Chrysalis student you'll be given a monthly homework assignment which consists of some set reading and an essay.

We offer a wealth support and encouragement to make your course a success - for example, a personal tutor is always available by phone in between classes. We ask you to work with up to three clients each year for Hypnotherapy - normally with friends, family or other students. With Counselling, we run our own internal placement vetting service where your self-solicited clients are vetted by Chrysalis®. Chrysalis® students have also obtained external replacements to enhance their training. We also offer advice on building your practice and gaining clients in the future.

We have a detailed way of assessing students, with lots of checks and balances. Each assignment is returned with a feedback form which outlines which areas you need to work on. Final assessment focuses on your overall practical classroom work as well as case studies (your notes on working with clients) - there is no final exam. The secondary focus is on your essays and your having completed the set reading. Students are passed if they are considered safe, competent, and ethical to practise.

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Course was fantastic
by Wendy - December 2015

this course is what i have always wanted to do. it took me many years to pluck up the courage to take a counselling course and i am say glad i did it and would recommend it

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by Nadine - November 2015

I am 1 year into my 3 year course with Chrysalis. I have to say I am thrilled with the course. My tutor has been amazing, and the office staff were helpful as well. Although I wasn't overly keen on doing the Hypnotherapy year i have thoroughly enjoyed it and found it to be a useful tool. I will certainly use it through into my professional career. For anyone looking to train with Chrysalis, I would say 'go for it' with anything, you get what you put into it and it really has been a great experience for me.

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Chrysalis Courses Review - Release your potential
by Jonboy - August 2012

I looked long and hard and did plenty of review checking and research. The problem with Chrysalis? There isn't one! Too many fuddy duddys go on about another organisation the b a c p and say how unless a counselling course is not accredited by them then its not worth the paper the course certificate is printed on. Newsflash folks, that organisation is just that, an org, NOT a governing body. I'm sure in terms of thinking you have to study with them has worked well in creating a monopoly. My experience with the BACP was not bad, it just was not ideal. I felt like one of many and was an inconvenience with all my questions. Chrysalis courses could not have been more different and that is why I am taking the time to share my Chrysalis course review with you! Chrysalis listened, that was a good start for someone selling a counselling course, they were empathic (tick two) and they are accredited by quite a few organisations and actually, on qualifying I have found them to be one of the most respected training organisations in the UK. Chrysalis Courses I thank you, you have helped me realise a dream and it is truly a delight now to work, I feel almost a liar for calling my vocation that. These trainers are amazing, loved it and thank you.

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