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7 problems only engineering students will understand

By Jane McGuire 7th March 2016

So you think you want to study engineering? Prepare yourself for sleepless nights, hard work and spending four hours on a problem, only to realise its wrong. To prepare you for your course, we’ve searched high and low for seven pictures that summarise a few problems that only...

7 of the world’s most beautiful bridges

By Jane McGuire 7th March 2016

If you’ve clicked on this article, the chances are you are interested in civil engineering , or you just really love bridges. Either way, we know where you are coming from! To persuade you to take an engineering course, we’ve found seven of the world’s most beautiful bridges....

Are you more yoga or Pilates?

By Jane McGuire 24th February 2016

Thinking of taking a fitness course but not sure what to choose? This is where we step in! (Don't say we never help you). Find out whether you are more yoga or Pilates with our handy quiz!  ...

How well do you think you know your body?

By Jane McGuire 23rd February 2016

How well do you think you know your body? If you are heading off on a sports massage course , you will need to know your hamstring from your deltoid. To get you ready, we thought we would re-live our secondary school biology lessons and bring you this human anatomy quiz. Think...

When hair goes wrong

By Jane McGuire 23rd February 2016

We’ve all had that hair cut we would rather forget, whether it was the fringe we rocked for all of primary school, the bob that was just so in fashion at the time or the hairdresser that was a little scissor happy. If your hair trauma is more recent, remember that hair grows...

5 pieces of art that confuse us a bit

By Jade O'Donoghue 23rd February 2016

Art , for the uninitiated, is generally quite confusing. ‘What makes art, ‘art’?’ is a question many have asked and even some of the world’s top artists can’t answer it. Some say it’s about being unique, some say it’s about skill, some say it’s making people think and some say...

Lessons to be learnt from the world’s worst photographs

By Jane McGuire 23rd February 2016

Photography has the power change the world at the click of a button or capture precious moments forever. Yet it can also go so wrong. It’s safe to say 99% of us will have taken a photo with the lens cap on or our thumb over the shutter at some point in our lives. Although most...

The best cupcakes ever made

By Jade O'Donoghue 23rd February 2016

Who doesn’t love cupcakes ? A spongey cake, with a cheeky dollop of buttercream icing on top? Yes please. But what we love more is when people get inventive with them. We’ve seen a lot of this from our course providers (check out the photo galleries for more), but we’ve gone...

It’s not what you said, it's the way you said it

By Jane McGuire 23rd February 2016

It's only when you really listen to how we interact that you realise how often us overly polite, tea obsessed, English speaking Brits say one thing whilst meaning something completely different. The implication of a phrase can change in the tone of voice it is delivered,...

13 things that shouldn't be knitted

By Jane McGuire 23rd February 2016

Once you've mastered the art of knitting , making another jumper can seem a little mundane and let's face it no one wants a homemade scarf for the third Christmas running. With your knitting needles and wool at the ready, the world is your oyster. It seems we are not alone in...

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